Hello UGT Family! We hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and healthy during these troubling times. Once again, we want to personally thank all of the individuals that continue to support the gym, whether it was through maintaining your memberships, sharing content online, or staying in contact by interacting with us on social media, your continued support means a lot to us and we appreciate everything you guys have done.

We hope you are all doing well as society slowly integrates back to normal. Underground Training is doing everything it can to keep in compliance with the CDC and Governor Murphy to provide all of our members a quality, and more importantly, a safe fitness experience. Last week, we opened up our outdoor Training Zones to our trainers. Beginning this week, we will be allowing clients with active memberships to utilize the outdoors of the facility. Below, you will find the protocols that each member must engage in to utilize UGT’s outdoor site.

– Please keep your training in the designated zones.
– People may enter the facility to remove and replace equipment only.
– All equipment but be cleaned immediately before and after use
– Cleaning supplies and sanitizer will be conveniently located for use
– Entrance to clients is limited to the bathroom, water, and medical emergencies with a max of 3 people
– Masks are not required outside but will be provided for anyone needing to enter UGT. Gloves are recommended but will not be provided.
– UGT will not be available during inclement weather or before sunrise or after sunset.
– An outdoor water cooldown area will be available as well

Our top priority is for safety amongst our members and to avoid any issues regarding social distancing, Underground Training is requesting that you call us at 201-266-6667 or email team@undergroundtrainingnj.com 12 hours before you intend to come exercise without your trainer. We look forward to seeing you!

Again, thank you for your cooperation and we hope to see you all soon!