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April 2020

Being Thankful with the UGT Fam


Hey UGT Family! We hope everyone is staying safe and indoors during these troubling times. While we know how tough it is, during this Easter and Passover time, we want to just reach out and mention how appreciative we are during this holiday season of our friends and our family. Zoom holiday meals, prayer services, [...]

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UGT + Perform Better = A Better You


From all of the staff at Underground Training, we hope that everyone is staying safe and practicing healthy habits during these times. However, we have some good news! Underground Training would like to welcome our newest affiliate: Perform Better. Perform Better is an equipment brand that can satisfy anyone's home fitness needs. Perform Better and [...]

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March 2020

How to train with Underground in your home


Hey Underground Family, We hope everyone is being safe in these unprecedented times. We wanted to update everyone on what we are working on to enhance your experience with Underground both in and out of the facility. 1. Underground is now offering Online Training! This is a two-fold experience. Work with your favorite trainer on [...]

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UGT at Home is Helping Corona Victims


Dear UGT Friends and Family, First off, I just want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support we have received over the past week. While closing our doors, even temporarily, was one of the most difficult things we have ever had to do, we are blessed to have the support of our [...]

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Successful First Week of Transformation Classes!!


First week of transformation classes in the books! The Team has been working hard with UGT Trainers Miles Grant, Ray Auli, and Naftali Horowitz to help create a completely new lifestyle. This included multiple classes per week, fully designed meal plans and nutrition programs, recovery sessions, and private training sessions.

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January 2020



Physical Therapy now offered at Underground! With the vast amounts of work that is done at Underground, occasionally, we face the stresses of either injury or soreness. Now, with our new space, comes our new Physical Therapy program. At Underground, we like to provide our clientele with the highest quality of physical wellness expertise. Meet [...]


November 2019



This Black Friday, buy a 10 pack of training sessions and receive 3 additional sessions. 1-month free membership as well as one nutritional consultation free of charge! *offer valid from 11/28 - 12/6 *offer valid to new members only *One per customer Work of that holiday turkey, Underground style!

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October 2019

More Bang for Your Buck


Typically, the machine-based exercises most people do in the gym are single-jointed exercises. This means that the machine isolates a muscle and only allows movement at one joint. If you look at the bicep curl machine, the tricep extension machine, the shoulder press, the leg extension, the leg curl—all of these machines only allow movement [...]

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September 2019

Functional vs. Machine Based Movement


All of us need to train in a proprioceptively enriched environment.  What does that mean? By definition, proprioception is a vital source of information that the nervous system utilizes to gather information about the environment to produce the most efficient movement.  The body feeds information to the central nervous system about everything having to do [...]

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August 2019

Functional Training


If you are into fitness or work out at a gym on a regular basis, you have probably heard the term “functional training” being used. Unlike much of the fitness equipment and exercise routines that are advertised on late night television, functional training is not a gimmick or fad but rather a philosophy based [...]

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