“If you’re looking for a huge and impersonal gym with a ton of machines, this place isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a smaller, more personal gym with knowledgeable trainers, great equipment for weightlifting and resistance training, and a fun workout, then this place is totally for you.  I hate to reference Cheers here (or do I?), but this gym is really a place “where everybody knows your name.” Trainers are friendly and helpful if you want them to be, or you can just put in your earphones and do your own thing. Bonus points for a great backyard with tires and plenty of space for outdoor workouts. More bonus points for great proximity to coffee and health food around the corner.”
– Rebecca R

post2 “This is such a fun gym! Great for all ages- male or female. The trainers are so helpful and very qualified. They have tons of equipment so your workout will never be boring. Some trainers offer classes so you can inquire about that if interested. They have cards with different workout ideas so you don’t have to come up with workouts if you don’t want. Great music always playing and you can request a song/genre. The vibe is super friendly.”
– Rebecca K.

post2 “Best gym around hands down. Has everything you could imagine equipment wise and then some. The staff is awesome and very friendly.”
– Gregg S.

post2 “Great friendly staff! UT offers flexible training programs with highly dedicated PT’s. A very easy going environment where trainers really focus on your development…everyone knows each other and they really make you feel welcome…”
– Jae A.

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