From all of the staff at Underground Training, we hope that everyone is staying safe and practicing healthy habits during these times. However, we have some good news! Underground Training would like to welcome our newest affiliate: Perform Better. Perform Better is an equipment brand that can satisfy anyone’s home fitness needs. Perform Better and UGT Management has carefully selected each fitness equipment product in its catalog for its ability to help improve sports performance, fitness or rehabilitation within the confines of your home. As we all try and practice social distancing, it can be challenging for most of us to keep up with our workouts due to lack of equipment, however Underground and Perform Better can help! Just follow the links below and get fit while at home!

Don’t have much space?? Then this is the best bang for your buck!! One-stop shop for all your bodyweight needs!
UGT quote: “Nothing goes better with Manny’s sneakers than sliders to put them on!”

Ankle Bands:
Looking for lower body resistance? Look no further. Ankle bands are the best for lateral resistance with little to no stress on your joints!
UGT Quote: “How could Miriam take booty gains pictures without ankle bands?”

Multipurpose Bands:
The ability to add pushing and pulling with varying levels of resistance and intensity makes these a key to your home gym. A few pairs will always come into use so don’t be afraid to try different levels.
UGT Quote: “Ernest can only wear a tank top that small because he has the chest to show it off from all that band work.”

Known as the king of suspension trainers, this nifty and storable can take you through any type of workout, and the best part, every single movement works your abs
UGT Quote: “The only thing harder than Mike’s abs is a TRX circuit.”

Want to get strong? I mean like “Carry all the groceries into the house in one go” strong? Look no further than some dumbells!
UGT Quote: “Don’t have enough dumbells? That’s ok, you could always just use Allison!”

Strong and dynamic… well everything.. is the name of the game now. So get yourself a kettlebell and get to lifting!”
UGT Quote: “The only wider than Ray’s back is the kettlebell he swings”

Medicine Balls:
Looking to get fast and explosive? Well get some weighted med balls and get to slamming, rolling, and throwing them!
UGT Quote: “Do you have the balls to play with Gerard’s balls…med balls that is?”

Not one of the things you are looking for? Just follow the link below and spruce up your gym now!