Hey UGT Family!
We hope everyone is staying healthy during these troubling times. First off, we want to personally thank everyone who has contributed to the gym during this pandemic, whether it was by maintaining your memberships, marketing UGT online, or phone calls and texts just to check-in. Your support means a lot and it did not go unnoticed.

In cooperation with Governor Murphy’s Phase program, starting on Monday, June 15th, Underground Training will be opening up to limited capacity with a focus on outdoor training. The State of New Jersey has ruled that fitness facilities can operate with a max occupancy of 100 people or 25% of max capacity outdoors.

Beginning on the 15th, Underground Training will be providing 9 separate 6×2 training areas for personal training, 1×1 areas for individuals training on their own, and an open area in the front of our facility that will be laid with rubber matting. In order to guarantee social distance, exercising is limited to those spaces.

The interior of UGT will only be limited to 5 individuals at a time (with exception to medical emergencies). This includes bathroom usage as well as inside water breaks/inside item purchases. The facility will have the air conditioner running so if there is available space, feel free to step inside, but under no condition can any exercising be done indoors.

The facility, to help combat any spread of disease will be equipped with an easy to use cleaning sprayer that will be filled with non-toxic cleaning materials that are safe to use. All equipment/workout areas will be cleaned with the sprayer at the end of every session. ALL EQUIPMENT MUST BE RETURNED INSIDE AFTER EVERY USAGE. Additionally, paper towels, cleaning spray and gym wipes will be located with convenient access. Alongside this, Underground Training will be providing hand sanitizer (roughly 40 gallons) to all individuals that are working out at the facility. This will be disbursed throughout our location, both outside and right inside the back door.

Underground Training also recognizes that with these summer months will come severe heat, and, to combat this, Underground Training will be providing a Water Cooling Zone that will be located outside in the back area of the facility, if anyone feels like they need to cool off after or even during their workouts, they can do so.

Due to inherent contact that comes with any group, the only people allowed into the facility (barring a bathroom or medical emergency), will be UGT Personal Trainers. They alone are allowed to remove (and then clean and replace) any equipment necessary for training. Any individuals training by themselves may avail themselves to our outdoor equipment but must request a Trainer to bring them specific equipment.

All UGT Trainers and clients will be provided masks but will only be required to wear them indoors, as with the heat, this provides a serious risk to anyone exercising or outdoors in the heat for an extended period of time. Gloves are recommended but not required. In order to limit any unnecessary contact, towel service will be suspended. Please bring your own towel and water.

Please be aware, for the safety of everyone in our UGT Family, we will have a one-strike policy for anyone who feels they cannot adhere to the rules being put in place. While we expect the situation to improve quickly, and be able to return to normal training soon, please be patient with us as we navigate this new normal. The rules will be posted on both the front and back doors, but there will be no access to the gym from the front door. Please be aware that we have had contractors in the gym for the past few weeks repainting and retiling so please excuse our appearance.

Finally, due to the circumstances and in cooperation with the CDC, WHO, and New Jersey Government, Underground Training will not be available during any inclement weather such as rain, lightning, snow, or any other conditions that would deem it difficult to operate with a primary focus of outdoor training.

In summary:
– Please keep your training to the designated zones
– Only trainers may enter the facility to remove and replace equipment
– All equipment but be cleaned immediately before and after use
– Cleaning supplies and sanitizer will be conveniently located for use
– Entrance to clients is limited to the bathroom, water, and medical emergencies with a max of 3 people
– Masks are not required outside but will be provided for anyone needing to enter UGT. Gloves are recommended but will not be provided.
– UGT will not be available during inclement weather
– An outdoor water cooldown area will be available as well
– Please bring your own towels and water

Thank you so much for your support and cooperation and we hope to see you soon!
MB and Gerard